Still Photography

Residential Real Estate for Sale

Total Living Area
Acreage # Photos Base Rate
Up to 999 sq. ft. Less than 0.5 16 $100
Up to 1999 sq. ft. Less than 1.0 Unlimited* $120
Up to 4499 sq. ft. Less than 5.0 Unlimited* $140
4500 sq. ft. and larger Less than 5.0 Unlimited* $40 additional for each 1000 sq. ft. above 4000, rounded to the nearest thousand.

Residential still photography includes:

  • Photos sized for printing and the MLS.
  • Straightening, cropping, and color adjustment for each photo.
  • Sky replacement for the cover photo, if necessary; gray sky will be replaced with blue sky.

* “Unlimited” here means “as many interior and exterior photos as can reasonably be used, as determined by the photographer.”
The above fees and features apply only to the first trip to the property. See “Other Charges,” below, for charges for additional trips.


Commercial Real Estate for Sale

Per Photo $10
Minimum Charge $80 (includes the first eight photos)

This category applies to:

  • All properties for lease or rent.
  • Commercial properties for sale.


General Commercial Photography

Please contact us for a quotation on any work that fits in this category.

This category applies to:

  • Photography of properties not for rent, lease, or sale.
  • Photos of interior design.
  • Food and product photography.
  • Landscape photography, including images of landscape design.
  • Other related subjects.


Video Walk-through Virtual Tours

Size of Home Acreage Rate
Up to 999 sq. ft. Less than 0.5 $70
Up to 1999 sq. ft. Less than 1.0 $80
Up to 4499 sq. ft. Less than 5.0 $90
4500 sq. ft. and larger Less than 5.0 $40 additional for each 1000 sq. ft. above 4000, rounded to the nearest thousand.

Video walk-throughs include:

  • HD video walk-through of entire property to show the flow.
  • Tasteful music.
  • Google Earth fly-in.
  • Branded version of video showing realtor’s photo, logo, and contact information.
  • Unbranded version of video for use with online listing websites that do not allow branding.

Note: Pricing above is for video tours ordered at same time as still photos. For other situations, please ask for a quote.

360° Panoramic Virtual Tours

Per Panorama $20
Minimum Charge $120 (includes the first six panoramas)
Floor Plan or Map $20 per level; customer provides the image for the floor plan or map.

360° panoramic virtual tours include:

  • Hyperlinks in each panorama to connect adjacent panoramas. For example, clicking on a doorway will take the viewer to the next room.
  • Hot spots in each panorama to identify important features, as requested by the customer.
    Tasteful music.
  • (Optional) Dynamic floor plan or map shows where on the property the viewer is at any given time, and which direction they are facing.


Other Charges

Virtual Tour by TourBuzz $20 per property. Virtual tour webpage with slideshow, gallery, optional music, branded and unbranded versions, printable property flyer, neighborhood information, and more. See examples here.
Late Cancellation $50 for appointment canceled by client within 24 hours of scheduled time. Charge may be waived for extenuating circumstances, such as adverse weather conditions, at our discretion.
Additional Trip $50 plus $5 per photo for additional trip to residential property.
Travel Charge $1 per mile over 50 miles one way from Hubbard, OR, as calculated for the typical shortest-time route in Google Maps; $10 minimum includes the first 10 miles over 50. See “Discounts: Multiple Properties,” below.
Elevated Still Photos $15 per photo. Shot from a pole up to 19 feet above ground level.
Sky Replacement $10 per photo. One (1) sky replacement is included in the flat rate for residential photography; see “Residential Real Estate for Sale,” above.
Additional Editing $10 minimum per photo. This applies to any special editing not included in our standard packages or otherwise listed here. Please ask for a quotation.
Elevated Panoramas $30 per panorama. Shot from a pole up to 19 feet above ground level.



We cancel appointment within 24 hours of scheduled time. $70 discount on next order or $70 payment, at your choice.
Still photography and panoramic virtual tour shot on same trip to property. $50 discount.
Multiple properties photographed in same area on same day. $20 discount per property after the first one. Also, any applicable travel charge will only be applied to the property farthest from Hubbard. See “Other Charges: Travel Charge,” above.
To qualify for these discounts, appointments must be consecutive, with no more time between them than the remainder of the usual two-hour time slot, where applicable. Consecutive appointments must be within 10 minutes’ driving time per Google Maps “without traffic” figure.


Special pricing may be available. Just ask.
Pricing and terms of service are subject to change at any time.

Pricing is current as of April 5, 2018.